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At Medina Torres we have the ability to process leather from hair to finished leather hides through various processes:



  • Soaking

  • Fleshy

  • Scraping the edges

  • Divided

  • Tanning

  • Drained

  • Scraped off

  • Recovered

  • Deveined



  • Drying

  • Conditioned

  • Loosened

  • Polished

  • Dry drumming

  • Finish

  • Etching and Ironing

  • Selection

  • Measure

  • Cut

  • Backstitch


Vegetable tanning

Vegetable tanning is a natural and artisanal process used to transform raw hides into a more resistant material with a natural and fine appearance.

Chrome tanning and/or chrome free

Chrome tanning is a method that uses chemical solutions, acids and salts (including chrome sulfate) that interact with collagen fibers to obtain a more resistant and durable leather (Wet Blue).

Carnaza 3.webp


The carnaza is extracted from the process of dividing the leather.


On the one hand, there is the whole flower that can be processed in various types of tanning and the lower part, which is the meat that is bleached and specially treated to make pet teethers.



(Curted to Chromium with vegetable retanned

Mixed Tanning uses a combination of synthetic tannins, vegetable tannins, hydric glutaral and minerals, such as aluminum and zirconium salts. Wet-white tanning allows chrome-free leathers to be manufactured using the equipment used for this method.

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